Let’s prepare for the Religious Week!

It’s the 800 Jubilee of the Dominican Order.

The Primary Section specially prepare themselves with these paintings as one of the celebrations!

Thanks teachers for all the preparation work and enjoying together with the kids!


New Youth Society recruitment

Annual recruitment of New Youth Society.

We now have new members! Great!! Thanks for the help of the student helpers, Fr Perez and teachers!

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Mindfulness practice @Secondary Section

Since last academic year, Primary and Kindergarten have started the Mindfulness practices during morning assemblies and lessons. This year, Secondary Section has started the same too! We hope by all these practices, students and teachers of the whole school could be benefited the calmness, and enjoy the peace and joy deep within our hearts. By these, our state of mind could be more focused and healthy.

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School Opening Mass + Feast of Our Lady of Rosary

It was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Secondary Section has made use of this day to be the Opening Mass, while Primary section has also joined this celebration.

In the Mass, students and teachers were reminded that Rosary has indeed a great connection with all of us, members of Rosaryhill School.

Fr. Vincent, the Supervisor, has presided the Mass while all the other Fathers, Fr. Salas, Fr. Perez and Fr. Francisco co-celebrated the Mass together.

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Opening Mass of Primary Section

We had the Opening Mass on 17 Sept 2015.

Students were given a chance to be calm and joyful in this brand new start of the year.

They were reminded to be good children of God, be forgiving and caring as well as to be faithful in God, trust in God’s plans.

IMG_3108 IMG_3109 IMG_3111 IMG_3105_2

Visiting St. Andrew’s Church (P2-3)

It was a great chance for students to travel to Tseung Kwan O and visit St. Andrew’s Church.

It was very big and different from the Rosaryhill Chapel, which they would go more often.

Students were exposed to different religious icons and symbols and which helped them to understand more about the Catholicism.

They enjoyed looking around and listening to the guide!

p.s. It was raining extremely heavy in the morning. Yet when we arrived there, sunshine started coming out to accompany us! So amazing and we were so grateful to God. We ended the visit with a prayer and by singing Alleluia!!









RHS is incorporating Mindfulness into daily practices!

We have run different mindfulness practices for some months already.

The most ‘eye-catching’ instrument, the bell, is welcomed by the kids.

Teachers usually invite the bell before and after each lesson.

Students as well as teachers will take the time to breathe and remind themselves different intentions, e.g. to be kind, to be attentive and to love and respect each other.

It is not only mindful, but also spiritual!

They like to invite the bell by themselves too!

Students take initiatives to find teachers to invite the bell after lessons.

Below are kids from P5 and P2 respectively.

20150521_152830 20150521_152916 20150521_153414 20150521_153820 20150521_154131

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