About Us

Rosaryhill School is a Catholic School. Liturgical and prayer services are held on special occasions throughout the year. All classes receive lessons in Religious Studies every cycle. We have a Dominican Centre for students and teachers to have bible sharing, praying, services as well as religious games and activities.

Department of Religion of Rosaryhill School is to help foster the religious life of the school, teachers and stuff, and the students. We believe there should be no separation between the religious life and the real life.

We take care and have functions with all the four sections: Secondary Section, Business Section, Primary Section and Kindergarten Section.

In the committee of the Department, we have some core members from different sections:
*Fr. Emiliano Perez (Director of the Department)
*Ms. Cherry Wong (Secondary Section)
*Ms. Anne Wong (Primary & Kindergarten Section)
*Ms. Mary Wu (Spiritual Education Coordinator)
*Mr. Joseph Yip (Secondary Section)
*Ms. Wendy Lam (Primary Section)
*Ms. Agnes Ng (Primary Section)
*Ms. Karen Chan (Kindergarten Section)
*Ms. Josephine Ip (Kindergarten Section)

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