Visit to St Albert Priory – Mr. Joseph Yip





During the Religious Week this year, we arranged a visit to the Dominican Priory (St. Albert Priory) on the 6/F of the school for some of our S4 students.
To be a Dominican Priest, first they need a vocation for religious life. It is also compulsory for novices to complete one-year novitiate, to make their religious profession, and to study Philosophy and Theology for at least 5 years.
The Director of the Department of Religion, Fr. Emiliano Perez, introduced in detail to students about different facilities, including the Chapel, the library, the lounge, the dining room and even their bedrooms. Students were very interested to the disciplined living style. They could also have a chance to witness the lesson time of novices.
Students paid a lot of respect and honour to the Fathers and all the religious people, as they come from far away and left their homes. They grasped the chance to ask questions at the end during the tea break prepared by Father.
The spirit of Dominicans is to continue the preaching mission of Jesus in the current world. We hope after the seed sowing to the students today, they could one day join the Church and become our new blood.
God Bless.

Fr. Perez and Mr. Joseph Yip
(Director of the Department of Religion; Panel of Religious Team, Secondary Section)
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photo 1a

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