Staff Recollection Day

This was a great day as it was the annual gathering of all the staff members of the school. This year the theme of the Staff Recollection Day is One Body One Soul – Compassion. We have invited many parties to share today, including three old students: Grace, Edward and Lydia; the Principal from Kindergarten Section: Anne; teachers from Secondary, Primary and Kindergarten Sections; staff from supporting teams: Mary, Edward (Wong), Keung and Bill; PTA representative; and Fathers: Fr Javier, Fr Vincent and Fr Francisco.
One Body One Soul
One Body because Rosaryhill School is one body, like an organization though, with many different parts. It is a school with various sections, like Secondary and Business Sections, Primary and kindergarten Sections, Administrative, Supporting and Technical Sections. They are separate because they have different functions and purposes; yet still belong to one body.
This body, Rosaryhill School, is different with other organizations or companies, as it has a soul, a mission and a goal. This soul is vital and significant that makes this School alive, and this soul is compassion.
The whole picture is like a tree that has strong roots with different branches. Strong roots stand for compassion, which is presented by Jesus, the Virgin Mary and St Dominic (from the tradition of Christianity) and actually Bodhisattva (from the tradition of Asian Culture). For sure that different sections are like the branches that grow straight from the roots. Leaves and fruits, finally, are the students, who are under the care and nutrition of the branches and the roots.
We foresee that the tree will be strong and healthy as long as there are love and unity among all the sections. LOVE ROSARYHILL SCHOOL!

More Pictures!!!

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