Congratulations to the Ordination!

On last Saurday (9 July, Feast of the Holy Martyrs and Blesseds of China), it was a big event and a memorable day for both Fr. Christopher and Deacon Isaiah! They were ordained together in the Hong Kong Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Fr. Christopher was born in China while Deacon Isaih was from Korea. Fr. Christopher is now staying in the Rosaryhill School, Hong Kong; Deacon Isaiah lives and works in Macau.
A lot of school teachers attended the Mass and the Ordination Dinner at school afterwards. Fr. Dominic Chan V.G. as well as Fr. Javier Gonzalez, the Provincial of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary, Order of Preachers, joined the event.
It was a fun gathering meeting with old friends and more importantly greeting the two newly ordained. Some performance were given by novices and Secondary teachers. Audience enjoyed much with peace.

I believe you want to see more pictures!! Please click below:

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