RK day – movie sharing

Today some Primary students stayed at school to watch a movie together, Up.

It was a touching movie and students were encouraged to be brave enough to achieve their dreams!


RK Day – Church Visit

P.2A – 2B went to the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church in Wanchai.

It was a lovely day!

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Thanksgiving Mass

The Mass was held right after the final examination.

Students and teachers gathered in the Chapel together to show the gratitude to God for the love and guidance throughout the year. It was also held especially for the P6 students who are going to leave the school to proceed to their next page of life!


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Religious Week paintings

Really nice paintings! By our primary Students of different levels!

Their efforts and devotion are really soooo valuable!


Bible sharing (3)

P4 students today shared about a teaching from Jesus: love your enemies.

It is never easy not to follow the earthly rule “an eye for an eye”, yet we have to insist and encourage kids to do this. We adults should be the role models and show them in our daily life.

It is never easy, but could give ever-peaceful fruits.


Bible Sharing (2)

Today Bible sharing was made by the P5 students.

It was about the Creation of the world.

image (2).jpeg

Bible Sharing – Religious Week

Go and Preach  – the theme of this Religious Week.

We make use of this chance to allow kids to be more familiar with the words of God.

With the encouragement of teachers, student representatives of different levels are invited to be on the stage in the morning assembly, and read aloud the Bible passage to the whole school. Fr. Vincent would then share them about the teaching and the meaning.

image (3).jpeg

P6 (Rachael and Jatin) – Jesus calming the storm on the lake


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